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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sunday World?

Fearless crime reporting, showbiz exclusives, action-packed sports stories and outspoken columnists make the Sunday World the weekly tabloid they all love to talk about north and south of the border.

What was the first newspaper in Ireland?

Until 25 December 1988 all editions were printed in Dublin but since 1 January 1989 a Northern Ireland edition has been published and an English edition has been printed in London since March 1992. The Sunday World was Ireland's first tabloid newspaper. Hugh McLaughlin and Gerry McGuinness launched it on 25 March 1973. [citation needed]

When is the Christmas edition of Sunday World 2022?

Instead of the normal Sunday World on Sunday for the issue of December 25th 2022 a special Christmas edition will be published on Saturday December 24th with an early deadline of 2.00 p.m. on Friday December 23rd for copy. As always the case when Sunday is Christmas Day.

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