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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Knockouts on 'the Voice' Season 22?

After some incredible Blind Auditions and getting through the competitive Battle Rounds, it's finally time for The Voice fans to experience Season 22's Knockouts. And this year marks the series' first-ever three-way Knockouts. This means that while representing their respective team, three Artists will face-off against each other at once.

Will there be three-way knockout rounds on 'the voice'?

Ahead of the October 31 episode it was revealed that, for the first time ever on The Voice, there was going to be three-way knockout rounds.

What happened to the blind auditions in the Voice Season 22?

The Blind Auditions are a thing of the past in The Voice Season 22. Now, all the performers have to impress their coaches once again to make it into the Knockouts. This time they have to battle against another member of their team, while they both sing a song picked up by their coaches.

Who won 'the Voice' Season 21?

Following a thrilling evening featuring special performances from Kelly Clarkson, OneRepublic, Maluma and The Voice season 21 winners Girl Named Tom, host Carson Daly revealed the big news. Without missing a beat, fans immediately took to Twitter and joined in on the celebration.

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