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Frequently Asked Questions

What is thoracic duct embolization (TDE)?

Thoracic duct embolization was developed as a minimally-invasive alternative to thoracic duct ligation. However, recent research demonstrates that thoracic duct embolization has better outcomes than conservative management or surgery for the treatment of chylothorax. As such, TDE is increasingly used as a first line intervention in chylothorax 1.

Is thoracic duct embolization safe for chylothorax?

Thoracic duct embolization (TDE) is a safe, efficacious treatment for chylothorax 1. Chylothoraces with a low drain output (<1L/day) are traditionally managed conservatively with dietary change, while high output (>1L/d) are managed with surgical thoracic duct (TD) ligation 2.

How is thoracic duct ligation performed in the treatment of lymphedema?

Thoracic duct ligation and thoracic duct embolization are done through catheterization and embolization or disruption of prominent retroperitoneal lymphatics. After every thoracic duct ligation, it is advisable to confirm by looking at their frozen section tissues. [25]

What is the initial approach for the treatment of thoracic chyle leak?

This minimally invasive, although technically challenging, procedure should be the initial approach for the treatment of a tr … Catheter embolization or needle interruption of the thoracic duct is safe, feasible, and successful in eliminating a high-output chyle leak in the majority (71%) of patients.

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