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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the thoracic duct?

The thoracic duct is 38 to 45 centimeters long and 2 to 5 millimeters in diameter. It runs from the superior aspect of the cisterna chyli, a lymph sac at the L2 vertebral level, to the lower cervical spine. From the cisterna chyli, the duct continues superiorly, running between the aorta and the azygous vein and anterior to the vertebral column.

What passes through the thoracic duct?

Thoracic duct. Around 75% of the lymph from the entire body (aside from the right upper limb, right breast, right lung and right side of the head and neck) passes through the thoracic duct. The cells of the immune system circulate through the lymphatic system. Also, large molecular products of digestion, like fats,...

What is the difference between the thoracic and right lymphatic duct?

The other duct is the right lymphatic duct. The thoracic duct carries chyle, a liquid containing both lymph and emulsified fats, rather than pure lymph. It also collects most of the lymph in the body other than from the right thorax, arm, head, and neck (which are drained by the right lymphatic duct ). [1]

What is chyle in the thoracic duct?

Within the thoracic duct, you find a milky white fluid containing both emulsified fats, and the lymph fluid found in the rest of the lymphatic system. This fluid is called chyle. The thoracic duct drains the lymph from 75% of the body, aside from the right upper right limb, right breast,...

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