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Frequently Asked Questions

What is thoracic duct (TD) ligation?

Please direct questions and comments to Evgeny V. Arshava, MD [email protected] Thoracic duct (TD) ligation is performed exclusively for chylous pleural effusion or chylothorax. Chylothorax is a relatively uncommon condition and can be classified based on etiology into non-traumatic and traumatic (approximately equal in frequency).

How effective is thoracoscopic ligation of the thoracic duct for chylothorax?

The efficacy of ligation of the thoracic duct in managing chylothorax is well documented. Both open and thoracoscopic techniques have been well described. In patients who have not had a recent thoracotomy, a thoracoscopic approach accomplishes ligation of the duct with minimal morbidity [1].

What is the preoperative planning for thoracic duct ligation?

Preoperative planning is similar for open or thoracoscopic visualization of the thoracic duct. The technique of thoracic duct ligation is discussed for two scenarios: Ligation following transthoracic esophagectomy and VATS thoracic duct ligation for spontaneous chylothorax.

What is thoracic duct ligation in dogs?

Thoracic duct ligation is a surgical procedure used to treat chylothorax in dogs. During normal digestion, fat molecules from food pass through small lymph vessels known as lacteals before being transported into the cisterna chyli, the largest lymph vessel in the abdomen.

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