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Frequently Asked Questions

What blood vessel does the thoracic duct drain lymph from?

The thoracic duct drains all lymph from the lower half of the body. The pre- and para-aortic lymphatics drain into the cisterna chyli which is an elongated sac-like vessel that lies over the body of L1 and L2 behind the inferior vena cava and between the aorta and the azygous vein.

Where does the thoracic duct of the lymph system drain into?

The thoracic duct is the largest lymphatic vessel within the human body, and plays a key role in the lymphatic system. A large portion of the body's lymph is collected by this duct and then drained into the bloodstream near the brachiocephalic vein between the internal jugular and the left subclavian veins.

Where does thoracic duct and right lymphatic duct lead?

The thoracic duct delivers lymph into junction between left subclavian and left internal jugular veins. Right lymphatic duct delivers lymph into junction between right subclavian and right internal jugular veins. What is a lymphatic duct?

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