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Frequently Asked Questions

What tires does the Toyota Tacoma use?

Toyota uses one of two different tires for this wheel size from the factory: the Toyo Open Country A30 or the Firestone Destination LE 2. The Tacoma is also available with 18-inch wheels that come with Michelin LTX M/S2 P265/60R18 tires. Top Replacement Tire Brands for Toyota Tacoma

How many wheels can fit on a stock Tacoma?

There are about 4 wheel sizes that will comfortably fit on a stock Tacoma with no lift or suspension upgrades on standard tires. With the 17” rim the wheels scrub slightly on the mud flaps when turning in reverse. You best remove them or risk having them ripped off when you reverse.

Is a big tire upgrade a good idea for a Tacoma?

No doubt a Taco with a big tire upgrade is a real head-turner. They just look so good! The Tacoma is a relatively long truck so you have to go bigger on the tires to have a noticeable effect on the aesthetics. Taller tires also improve the break-over angle if you intend on doing off-road obstacles.

How long do Michelin LTX m/s2 tires last on the Tacoma?

Original equipment MIchelin LTX M/S2 tires on the Tacoma earn a solid 720 AA UTGQ rating. Unless they are damaged, these tires could last as long as 72,000 miles before you need to replace them. The other consideration is time. Each tire has a raised date code on the sidewall.

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