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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Titan oil-Flo™?

Using Titan’s professional products has helped build our reputation as the best in class in Southern California. An excellent solvent with great customer service from Titan. Oil-Flo™ has great safety, no harsh orders, and outstanding performance. Another Successful National Paving Expo!

Why choose Titan laboratories for fluids analysis?

Titan Laboratories provides Oil, Coolant and Diesel Fuel Analysis in all 50 states and 7 countries. Fluids Analysis is a proven tool for extending major component life, saving our clients thousands of dollars each year in maintenance expense. Call us at 800-848-4826 to learn why Titan Laboratories is your best choice.

What can you use oil-Flo for?

Use Oil-Flo™ for cleaning equipment, vehicles, applicators, tools, floors, machines, clothing, glass, steel, concrete, aluminum, and much more. Oil-Flo™ is ideal for cleanup of problems caused by overspray, tracking, spills, line breaks, and any time you have a stain and you want it removed quickly and safely.

Does oil-Flo™ safety solvent cleaner really work?

In essence, one type of stain was simply replaced by another. Fortunately, a really fabulous product called Oil-Flo™ Safety Solvent Cleaner was developed and every cleanup job became much faster and easier. Oil-Flo™ is water soluble and rinses away cleanly. And it works great when used to remove oil stains from concrete.

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