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Frequently Asked Questions

Is everyday a holiday?

Everyday Is a Holiday. Every Day Is a Holiday (French: Chaque jour est une fête; Arabic: كل يوم عيد‎) is a 2009 film by the Lebanese director Dima El-Horr. The film is on the official selection of 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. It is the first feature film by Dima El-Horr.

What Holiday is 10 11 21?

Today, October 11th, 2021, is a federal holiday. All non-essential federal employees are off work in observance of Columbus Day. Read more about Federal Holidays! List of Federal Holidays -

What Holiday is coming?

Holiday Day Days to go; January 1 2019: New Year's Day: Tuesday-January 21 2019: Martin Luther King Day: Monday-January 24 2019: Belly Laugh Day: Thursday-February 2 2019: Groundhog Day: Saturday-February 12 2019: Lincoln's Birthday: Tuesday-February 14 2019: Valentine's Day: Thursday-February 18 2019: Presidents Day and Washington's Birthday: Monday-March 5 2019

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