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Frequently Asked Questions

What significant events happened in 1911?

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire was the event that occurred in 1911 that focused the attention on the safety of factory workers. It happened in Manhattan, New York City and was the deadliest industrial disaster in the US history.

What happened in history year 1911?

29 Sep 1911 Italy declares war on the Ottoman Empire. 30 Sep 1911 The Austin Dam breaks, wiping out the town of Austin, Pennsylvania, United States, killing 78. 10 Oct 1911 The Wuchang Uprising leads to the demise of Qing Dynasty, the last Imperial court in China, and the founding of the Republic of China.

What happened in 1911?

What Happened in 1911 Jan 1 1911 First Issue of 'Boy's Life' is Published In 1911, George S. Barton, of Somerville, Massachusetts, founded, and published the first edition of Boys' Life magazine. Jan 1 1911 Franklin D. Roosevelt Elected to the New York State Senate In 1910, FDR won a seat in the New York State Senate.

What is the history of the 1911?

On March 29th, 1911, the Browning-designed, Colt-produced .45 Automatic pistol, was selected as the official sidearm of the Armed Forces of U.S.A., and named Model 1911. When we entered the Great War, the U.S. government had purchased some 140,000 M1911 pistols from both Colt and Springfield Armory.

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