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Frequently Asked Questions

When did birthdays originate?

Origin of Birthdays. A pagan Egyptian scientist, Sosigenes, suggested this plan to the pagan Emperor Julius Caesar, who directed that it go into effect throughout the Roman Empire in 45 B.C. As adopted it indicated its pagan origin by the names of the months—called after Janus, Maia, Juno, etc.

Where did birthdays originate?

Cultures have been creating celebratory ‘cakes’ (the term cake and bread were often interchangeable) for thousands of years. However, cakes, specifically for birthdays, similar to what we enjoy today, are believed to have originated in Germany in the 1400’s.

How did the tradition of birthdays begin?

The Germans are credited with starting the kids birthday tradition in the 1700s. They put candles on tortes for “kinderfeste,” one for each year of life, along with some extras to signify upcoming years.

How birthdays are traditionally celebrated around the world?

Birthday Traditions from around the World Birthday Bumps. In countries such as Ireland and the UK, you might want to watch out on your birthday! ... Birthday Ear Pulling. ... Geburtstag in Germany. ... Australian Fairy Bread. ... Greased Nose. ... Birthday Fun in Mexico. ... Thoughtful Birthday Cards. ... Chinese Longevity Noodles. ... Birthday Traditions in India. ... Celebrating on New Year's Day. ...

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