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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a token of love mean?

love token in British English (lʌv ˈtəʊkən) noun. a gift that is symbolic of a love relationship. How do you use skittish in a sentence? Skittish sentence example Are stallions always skittish like that? She was still skittish , so he hadn’t done much examining of her.

What is the purpose of a token?

Your token is completely unique to you ... a creative tagline and a compelling brand purpose to establish a competitive brand. Incorporating NFTs into your branding strategy will support your company’s efforts. When trying to get more people to recognize ...

What does in the same token mean?

“By the same token” means by the same logic or for this reason. It is usually used to express that something else is also true, especially something different and surprising. Example 1: She wasn't able to take her breakfast, and by the same token she didn't make it in the exams this morning. Example 2: Roger has a good eye for lighting.

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