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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a token on a computer?

A token may refer to any of the following: 1. A portion of data that is passed from computer to computer in token-ring networks. When a computer has a token, it is capable of communicating to other computers and devices on the network.

What is use of token?

The definition of a token is a sign, symbol or a piece of stamped metal used instead of currency. An example of a token is someone giving their friend a "best friends" necklace. An example of a token is what someone would use to play video games at an arcade.

What does at the same token mean?

The expression “by the same token” means “for the same reason” or “in the same way.” Here are two correct examples of its use: there was little evidence to substantiate the gossip and, by the same token, there was little to disprove it –example, OxfordDictionaries.

What does token of my appreciation mean?

"A token of my appreciation" is tangible evidence of her appreciation. Think of it as a gift. As a reward for your completed survey, she will demonstrate her gratitude by entering your name in a drawing for the iPad. It is a fairly standard phrase in that sort of context.

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