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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best tomato recipes?

If you ask us, the best tomato recipes are simple. For this one, start by adding ginger, butter, and soy sauce to sizzling tomatoes. You'll end up with a magical savory condiment packed with the flavor of peak summer tomatoes, ready to be spooned over crostini.

What to do with fresh tomatoes?

Learn how to choose the right tomatoes for your recipe and how to properly store them (in the refrigerator might be OK — it depends!) and then use fresh tomatoes ( even the green ones !) to make a beautiful tomato pie, one of our favorite caprese recipes and much more.

How to make the best tomato salad?

A quick marinade (30-60 minutes will do the trick) in salt, pepper, olive oil, and fresh oregano is the key to this tomato salad. It intensifies the rich tomato flavor and brings out their rich juices. Serve with crusty bread for mopping up. If you ask us, the best tomato recipes are simple.

What kind of tomatoes do you use for tomato soup?

Tomato recipes are commonly associated with summer, but this is a soup for all seasons: Market-fresh beefsteak or other juicy tomatoes give it a fresh, nuanced flavor in the warmer months, whereas grocery-store plum tomatoes result in a more intensely flavored soup that's great when it's cooler out.

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