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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best toner?

A good toner is either acid-based, to exfoliate and resurface, or hydrating, to lock in moisture, according to board-certified dermatologist, Lucy Chen, MD. Our top pick is Pixi Glow Tonic, an alcohol-free formula that contains a high concentration of glycolic acid plus aloe vera to soothe and hydrate.

What are the benefits of using a toner?

Although your skin’s pH can recover within a matter of hours, a toner can be used to quickly balance levels. Using a toner can also help your skin better absorb other products you use. When skin is dry, other ingredients will just sit on top.

How do you use a toner?

There are two ways to apply toner: with a cotton pad or with your hands. If you opt for the former, soak a cotton pad with the toner, then swipe it across your face. Work your way outward, avoiding sensitive areas like the eyes. If using your hands, add a few drops to your palms and gently tap them onto your face.

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