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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 online colleges in the United States?

1 UMasss Online. 2 University of Florida Distance Learning. 3 Florida State University. 4 New Mexico State University. 5 University of Missouri. 6 Oregon State University. 7 University of Oklahoma. 8 Utah State University. 9 Mississippi State University. 10 University of Alabama. More items...

What is the best online college to attend in 2021?

2021 Best Accredited Online Colleges and Top Online Universities. Northeastern University. Boston, MA Graduation Rate: 88% Since opening in 1898, Northeastern University has become a leader in experiential learning, ... Indiana University - Bloomington. California State University - Los Angeles. ...

What makes a college offer the best online courses?

This list of the top 50 colleges offering the best online courses was gathered by looking at the professional reputation of the school, tuition value, personal attention, and the breadth of study opportunities furnished by the schools.

Which schools offer 100% online bachelor’s degrees?

The 100% online bachelor’s degree programs at the California University of Pennsylvania are part of the Global Online student community that mirrors the on-campus experience. With a student to faculty ratio of just 20 to 1, the school offers support services for online students and has a 50% graduation rate.

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