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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Touro Nevada School of Physician Assistant Studies?

The Touro Nevada School of Physician Assistant Studies offers you opportunities to impact your community and the underserved. You will become a highly qualified and compassionate Physician Assistant and receive a broad education that supports your goals.

How do you work at Touro Nevada?

You work as a team at Touro Nevada. Whether in your class, with other programs, or in the community, you work together toward a common goal. Creativity is encouraged. You look for overall solutions, not just the single problem at hand.

What is unique about Touro College?

Touro’s first enrolled class. Touro has a global network of over 98,000 alumni. 83% of Touro College undergraduate students receive financial aid. Average faculty to student ratio at Touro schools. Touro is everywhere: in New York, across the country, around the world.

How many years of CDR is available at Touro University?

† The Touro University CDR is representative of both Touro University California and Touro University Nevada. At this time only three (3) years of CDRs are currently available as a result of when we received our Title IV School Code and Program Participation Agreement (PPA) approval. (Expenses will vary upon personal choice.)

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