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Frequently Asked Questions

Why train with legends?

Here at Legends, our grass roots approach to training is to have kids fall in love with the game of soccer. Through our professional training, we create an environment that helps develop the player's technical skills, as well as their understanding of the basic fundamentals of the game.

What are the rules of a training Legends tournament?

The set of rules used for each Training Legends tournament is determined by the type of tournament play (Travel, All-Star, or All-Star Championship). The catcher’s helmet must be NOCSAE approved.

Why choose legends?

By bringing our expertise across all divisions, Legends is focused on being a transcending leader in setting new precedents across industries.

What is Legends FC?

Legends FC has a family centered approach, a national level program, and distinguished coaching to foster long term player development. This is the premier destination for soccer players in Southern California.

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