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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a training supervisor do?

A training supervisor is charged with bringing new employees up to speed with company policies and educating employees about job requirements and methodology. In the ever-changing world of company policies, it is the job of the training supervisor to explain any changes in rules, procedures and laws concerning the work place.

What jobs can you get with on the job training?

On-the-job training helps people learn as they are completing job-oriented tasks. New hires may be required to attend mandatory training sessions. Workshops are one kind of job training. A corporate training specialist may teach fellow employees to use computers more productively and efficiently.

What is a supervisor job title?

A job title is a term that describes the position held by the supervisor in question, typically it is a few words or less. If you don't know what the supervisor's job title is, you may need to contact the company's human resources department to get the exact wording for the job title in question.

What are the duties of a supervisor on a resume?

Some of the primary responsibilities on a security supervisor resume include creating schedules, monitoring security staff performance, and utilizing current staff to meet security needs. A good security supervisor resume shows a professional who can wear many hats.

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