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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy travel insurance from India or USA?

You can purchase visitors medical insurance from companies based in your home country (such as India) or from companies in the U.S. Generally, the cost of medical insurance from an American company is higher, although it is still the preferred insurance to purchase. As demonstrated in the comparisons below, American insurance has many advantages.

Should you buy insurance for travel within India?

Travel insurance coverage is essential whether it is an overseas travel or within home country. Domestic travel insurance plan is specifically designed for those who travel within India. Emergencies like sudden illness, accident, medical evacuation, repatriation, missed departure are always unexpected and cause financial loss.

Do US citizens need a visa to travel to India?

US passport holders must have a visa to travel to India. Fortunately, American citizens are eligible to apply for the India eVisa. The process is fully online with no need to present paperwork in person at an Indian embassy or consulate. Travelers from the U.S. should request the correct visa depending on their reason for visiting India.

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