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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a tray ceiling look like?

A tray ceiling follows the shape of a room. We typically see a tray ceiling is in square and rectangular. You can definitely create oval and polygonal tray ceilings or even come up with unique tray ceiling shapes. A tray ceiling is put in the center of a room. From this, different personal tastes play their parts.

Why do living rooms not have ceiling lighting?

Sometimes in-wall wiring wasn't installed, which means no ceiling lights, but here are 4 lighting styles that will brighten any room.

What is a tray ceiling?

What is a Tray Ceiling? Tray ceilings are sometimes known as inverted or recessed ceilings. With a drop-down border around the perimeter, they look like an upside-down tray – hence the name. The center section of the ceiling sits anywhere from several inches to several feet higher than the outside perimeter.

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