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Frequently Asked Questions

Who bought Trayvon Martin's gun?

The gun was put up for auction by George Zimmerman, who fired the shot but was acquitted of Trayvon's murder. US media said Mr Zimmerman had backed out of a deal for $150,000 to take the higher price.

Was George Zimmerman involved in the Trayvon Martin shooting?

With Zimmerman's stellar record and reputation it was impossible to predict that he would be involved in 5 episodes of violence involving guns and necessitating police involvement since the Trayvon Martin shooting.. Who could have imagined George was a ticking time bomb?

When was Trayvon Martin's photo taken?

The photograph of Trayvon Martin in the red Hollister t-shirt that Twitchy referred to as “a 5-year-old picture of the victim as a child” is undated, and therefore exactly when it was taken is uncertain. According to Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump it dates from August 2011, just seven months before Martin’s death, when Trayvon was 16.

Was Trayvon Martin a hero?

Trayvon Martin was a POS, GZ was a hero. Bye now. Your standards for heroes are very low. So all of his wounds were self inflicted? If stupid could fly you would be the space shuttle. His wounds did not even require medical attention and he turned down EMT assistance.

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