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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a control group in experimental research?

In experimental research, the control group is the group of participants that do not receive the experimental treatment and serves as the standard for comparison. Learn about the basics of experimental design, and explore the definition of a control group, as well as its use and importance in research. Updated: 09/29/2021

What is the difference between a control group and a treatment group?

Control and Treatment Groups: A control group is used as a baseline measure. The control group is identical to all other items or subjects that you are examining with the exception that it does not receive the treatment or the experimental manipulation that the treatment group receives.

What is the importance of control groups?

Importance of control groups Control groups help ensure the internal validity of your research. You might see a difference over time in your dependent variable in your treatment group. However, without a control group, it is difficult to know whether the change has arisen from the treatment.

What is an untreated control group in research?

Untreated control group An untreated control group is a group that creates a baseline or default for researchers. For example, if a medical team is researching a new hand cream for eczema, they might create a small group of people who receive no cream.

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