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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the Trenton Fire Department?

The Trenton Fire Department traces its roots back to a blacksmith shop at Broad and Front Streets where, on February 7, 1747, a group of volunteers formed the Union Fire Company. The volunteers served the city well for the next 145 years until, on April 4, 1892, the paid department was established.

How do I contact the Trenton Fire Department?

View all the Trenton Fire Department job announcements and information. Contact the Headquarters at 609-989-4038 for more information.

What's new in de-escalation training for Trenton police?

Read on... Acting Police Director Steve E. Wilson today announced that Trenton Police officers have successfully begun integrating new state training into their de-escalation efforts to help take suspects into custody without anyone being harmed. Read on... Lighting The 1st Candle at 5PM, Monday, November 29th at Trenton City Hall.

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