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Frequently Asked Questions

Is pork roll really only available in NJ?

Pork roll, however, is exclusively made and produced for consumer consumption in New Jersey. According to, pork roll purveyors will only distribute inside the Garden State and on occasion to neighboring Eastern Pennsylvania. Is it the water? Is it the climate?

Where can you buy pork roll in NJ?

It can be found at almost every bagel shop, deli, or diner in New Jersey in the form of a pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich. The packaged meat itself can be purchased at almost any supermarket or corner store in New Jersey, into Pennsylvania, and parts of Maryland.

When was Trenton Pork Roll created?

Pork roll was created in Trenton in 1856 by John Taylor. And in 1870, George Washington Case created his own recipe. And thus the two big names, and rivalries, in the world of pork roll were formed: Taylor and Case.

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