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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trenton city government in for another dysfunctional year?

TRENTON – If the end of 2021 signals what’s to come, the capital city government is in for another dysfunctional year. Mayor Reed Gusciora signed a last-minute executive order New Year’s Eve ensuring that Trenton’s municipal government made payroll.

What happened to Trenton's emergency radio system?

TRENTON — Public safety remains at risk after power-hungry officials guaranteed the shutoff of the city's emergency radio system, despite a last-ditch effort by the county's kingmaker to broker a peace treaty. "This is not a win. It's a loss," South Ward councilman George Muschal said Thursday.

Where can you find'Homecoming'Art in Trenton?

'Homecoming 2021' opens Dec. 8 at Mercer County Community College’s James Kerney Campus Gallery in Trenton “There are 12 artists with studios and 20-plus artists who display their work here. All local.”

Is Taylor Trenton getting married?

Trenton provided a personal update, too: He and his fiancé, Aime, are looking forward to getting married on Aug. 6 in a public wedding on the sand in Newport Beach.

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