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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the cemeteries in the Trenton Evening Times?

Here is a selected list of obituaries appearing in the Trenton Evening Times(1885 - 1953). All cemeteries are located in Mercer County unless otherwise specified. The list was compiled by Kate Evans.

How to publish an obituary in Trenton?

Simply browse the Trenton’s obituaries listing you can find on this page or conduct a search on the web site with your loved one’s name. How much does it cost to publish an obituary in Trenton ? Creating an obituary on Echovita is free. You can click this link to create an obituary.

Who are some famous people that died in Trenton NJ?

Trenton 08-Dec-1919 3 Riverview Smith Alton 81 29-Nov-1952 Trenton 01-Dec-1952 4 Cremated Snyder Raymond 64 19-Dec-1919 Trenton

Who are the oldest people to live in Trenton?

Trenton 24-Jan-1914 3 Greenwood Smith Amanda Marie  Bidlingmaier 69 26-Oct-1945 Trenton 26-Oct-1945 15 Greenwood Smith Henry 62 10-Aug-1886 Trenton 10-Aug-1886 1 Greenwood Smith William H. 27-sep-1895 Trenton 27-sep-1895 2 unknown Smith Ernest K. 67 09-Feb-1942 Trenton 11-Feb-1942 Riverview Smith John R. 03-Dec-1919 Trenton 08-Dec-1919 3 Riverview

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