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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was Tubb Tubb born?

Tubb was born on a cotton farm near Crisp, in Ellis County, Texas (now a ghost town ). His father was a sharecropper, so Tubb spent his youth working on farms throughout the state. He was inspired by Jimmie Rodgers and spent his spare time learning to sing, yodel, and play the guitar.

What was the HBO special about Tubbs?

The HBO special Carter mentioned was an 89-minute documentary, “ Stockton on My Mind ,” which followed his political rise and premiered over the summer, during his reelection campaign. It was the second documentary made about Tubbs before he was 30.

Why did Tubbs lose?

But it wasn’t the only reason Tubbs lost. The other reasons had more to do with Stockton itself—a scrappy city whose takedown politics are so aggressive as to verge on the bizarre—and with Tubbs’ failure to watch his flank.

Did Tubbs do a good job of marketing himself in Stockton?

Don Parsons, the Republican strategist in Stockton who ran Tubbs’ opponent’s campaign in his first council race, said Tubbs and his campaign “just did a really crappy job of marketing themselves.” After the election, Tubbs fielded calls from Democrats around the country.

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