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Frequently Asked Questions

How to identify a tumor?

If the tumor is close to the skin or in an area of soft tissue such as the abdomen, the mass may be felt by touch. Depending on the location, possible symptoms of a benign tumor include: chills. discomfort or pain. fatigue. fever. loss of appetite. night sweats.

What is a tumor and how it is formed?

There are two types of tumors: malignant (ma-LIG-nant), or cancerous, tumors are made up of abnormally shaped cells that grow quickly, invade nearby healthy tissues, and often make their way into the bloodstream. When these cells travel to other parts of the body, they form additional tumors.

What exactly is a tumor?

A tumor is any abnormal swelling within the body, but the word most often refers to a mass of cancer cells. Most lumps that can be felt are not cancerous, but they should be checked out by a doctor. Methods for detecting tumors include lab tests, imaging scans, and visualization with clinical instruments.

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