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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Turbo Tax Premier?

TurboTax Premier includes everything you get in Deluxe, as well as coverage for tax deductions and credits for things like stock market and cryptocurrency investments, rental property income and refinancing deductions. It also has a feature that lets you auto-import your investment income reports. Cost: $69 for federal filing, plus $39 per state

How much does TurboTax Premier cost?

Turbo Tax Premier Online is $54.99 plus a fee of $36.99 for a state additional.* Turbo Tax Premier CD/Download is $89.99 and includes one state download and up to 5 federal e-files.* * Prices are subject to change. See the links below for updated prices.

How do I download TurboTax from Amazon?

Go to your orders on amazon then see your turbo tax order. In the right hand corner it says of order “order details” push that it will take you to your turbo tax order and there it has a button that says “go to your software library” push that. It will let you download and there is a license number there. BE SURE TO WRITE DOWN THAT NUMBER.

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