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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life cycle of a turkey buzzard?

>> People will often mistakenly call turkey vultures, buzzards, which is the British name for certain hawks. >> Turkey vultures have been known to live up to 24 years. The average age is estimated to be around 20 years. >> Vultures help clean up the environment by eating the flesh off dead animals before it rots and causes disease.

What is the difference between a turkey buzzard and a turkey vulture?

Turkey vultures ( Cathartes aura ), also known as turkey buzzards, or just buzzards, get a bad wrap because of their wrinkly, bald faces and proclivity toward eating carrion. These birds are not exactly elegant like raptors or brilliantly colored like songbirds. But vultures are still fascinating. Plus, they play a vital role in the environment.

What do turkey buzzards look like?

With a wingspan up to six feet across, it’s no wonder their head looks small! Most of their feathers are dark brown, but portions of the underside of their wings are silver/grey in color. This coloration starkly contrasts with the bright red/pink colored heads. These birds are actually incredibly interesting creatures.

What do turkey buzzards eat?

On rare occasions, they eat vegetation, coconut, pumpkin, insects, and fruits. Because these birds are so widespread, it is inevitable that they will cross paths with humans.

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