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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Twitter Really reverse course on Hunter Biden?

It writes, “Twitter actually reversed course within a day of its decision to block distribution of the Hunter Biden article, and its chief executive, Jack Dorsey, has called the initial move a ‘mistake.’

Is Twitter lying about Hunter Biden laptop?

Twitter finally backed down, but it wasn’t a day later, it was two weeks. The liberal media lied about the Hunter Biden laptop then, and they’re lying about it now. And Twitter and the FEC are parroting those lies. It wasn’t hacked.

Who is Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden and why is he controversial?

Critics have accused the younger Biden of influence-peddling and a report last year said the Justice Department was investigating a consulting firm linked to Hunter over its work for Bursima, which paid him as much as $1 million a year.

Does Hunter Biden own a Chinese investment firm?

Hunter Biden, now pursuing a controversial career as a self-taught painter, also owned a 10 percent stake in a Chinese investment firm known as BHR Partners, but his lawyer last month told the New York Times that he “no longer holds any interest” in it.

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