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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hunter Biden’s emails back him up?

Email records back him up to the extent that they show Hunter’s businesses paying some of his father’s bills while he was vice president of the United States. This means that Joe Biden benefited from these financial deals that happened courtesy of executives linked to Chinese spies.

What did Hunter Biden’s dad say to his laptop?

Hunter Biden also reportedly had a questionable meme saved on his laptop featuring his dad and former President Barack Obama. The Mail also reported that Hunter Biden kept a meme on his laptop that showed his father and former President Barack Obama embracing. The meme’s text reads: “Obama: Gonna miss you, man.

What happened to Hunter Biden?

Hunter Biden is notoriously known for his troubling drug habits. Page Six exclusively revealed that sordid relationship in March 2017, less than two years after Beau Biden, Delaware’s attorney general, died of brain cancer — and informed Joe Biden about the affair by asking him for a comment.

Did Hunter Biden call his attorney the N-word?

First son Hunter Biden repeatedly called his white attorney the N-word in a pair of bizarre and occasionally lewd text conversations late in 2018 and early 2019, according to newly unearthed messages.

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