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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dangerous dose of Tylenol?

In two case studies, people survived overdoses of 500 and 2,000 mg (50 and 400 five milligram pills, respectively). But, 50 regular strength Tylenol pills (16.25 g) is approximately twice the estimated lethal dose. Yes, a single dose of 500 Valium pills is less dangerous than 50 Tylenol pills.

What are the side effects of Tylenol 650 mg?

Tylenol does not cause side effects in most people. If you develop new symptoms after taking the medication, contact your doctor. Potential side effects of Tylenol may include: Nausea; Abdominal pain; Headache; Dark-colored urine; Loss of appetite; Allergic reactions to Tylenol are rare.

What is the maximum daily dosage of Tylenol?

Dosage . Tylenol is typically taken every four to six hours, and the dose varies based on age. For adults, 325-650 milligrams (mg) can be taken with each dose. The maximum recommended dose per day is 3,000-4,000 milligrams.

Can Tylenol kill you?

Yes, you can die from OD ing on Tylenol PM. It will be from the acetaminophen and it will cause indefinite liver damage. 6000 milligrams is the beginning toxic dose, but... usually people survive more then that.

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