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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tylenol PM really work?

We believe that Tylenol PM is nowhere near the best option if you are struggling with insomnia or sleep issues. Yes, it does its job by putting you to sleep fast. However, this doesnt solve the underlying problem of not having enough melatonin in your body. Its also not worth the risk from all of the potential side effects that you could get.

Is Tylenol PM an antihistamine?

Tylenol PM contains two medications—the pain reliever acetaminophen and an antihistamine (diphenhydramine) to help with insomnia. High doses of acetaminophen can cause liver damage and the risk increases if you consume alcohol.

What are the instructions for Extra Strength Tylenol?

Extra Strength TYLENOL ® products are tough on pain, but gentle on your stomach, providing fast, effective relief. Temporarily relieves mild to moderate headache pain. Reduces fever. Do not take more than directed (see liver warnings). Do not take more than 4000 mg (8 tablets) in 24 hours.

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