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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UAE famous for?

The United Arab Emirates is a famous destination for tourists who arrive in large numbers every year, to have fun. This country located in the Arabian Peninsula is well-known for the Burj Khalifa tower and other world-class structures. Also, the UAE is famous for its picturesque sceneries, shopping centers, and beaches.

Which is the worst school in UAE?

They were the Apple International School, Al Hudaibiah Primary School, Al Khulafaa Al Rashideen School and Al Maktoum School. Of the 25 schools, eight are public, five offer the British curriculum, three are American, two are Pakistani, three are Indian, and one offers the Filipino curriculum.

What are the famous places in UAE?

Dubai: Edenred, IHS Towers, Roche, Blue Ocean Global, Foodics and Sapin are recognized as the top 6 best places to work in UAE for 2021 according to the annual prestigious“Best Places to Work ...

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