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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my UMCU account?

No matter what you need to know, we're here to help you. And please remember that if it's outside of normal business hours, you can access your UMCU accounts through online banking, our mobile banking app, or at any CO-OP ATM. Phone numbers for UMCU offices: 734-662-8200 or 800-968-UMCU (8628) or 734-882-4357.

What is UMCU credit union?

University of Michigan Credit Union provides valuable accounts and loans to the University of Michigan community. Whether you're looking for a lower interest rate card or one with a cash-back bonus, UMCU has credit card options that will fit your needs.

What's new with UMCU?

We improved functionality, accessibility, and self-service options so you can manage your accounts 24/7 with the support only UMCU provides. Do you currently use Online Banking, or want to create a new Online Banking account? Let's get you enrolled in new Online Banking.

What are UMCU auto loans?

Our auto loans put you in control with flexible terms and competitive rates. Borrow funds for vehicles, motorboats, motorcycles and motor homes. UMCU offers affordable financing for a variety of motor vehicles. Our easy application process will save you time while our rates save you money.

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