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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can an team member contact UMMS corporate compliance?

An team member also may contact UMMS Corporate Compliance and Business Ethics Group. All concerns will be investigated and there will be no retaliation for raising concerns. WHAT IS NEW?

Do I have to pay for the hours I work at UMMS?

At UMMS, we recognize and respect the value of your time. You must be paid for the hours that you work. Has the clocking in and out process changed? No. You will continue to clock in and clock out in the same way. Have the clock locations changed?

Does UMMS add holiday hours to PTO?

Remember, under the new program, UMMS observed holiday hours will be added to our “PTO” hours and will now part of the total PTO bucket. What is the PTO accrual for part-time team members?

Why do we have shift differentials at UMMS facilities?

It also moves us closer to our long-term vision of seamless career growth within the System by establishing consistent shift differentials at all UMMS facilities. What is shift differential?

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