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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my UMS user account?

Your UMS user account is used to access system-wide technology services such as Brightspace , MaineStreet , and UMS Email. It is also the root of your email address. Your UMS user account may also be referred to as your UMS ID. You can manage your UMS user account using the following links:

How do I request a provisioned UMS account?

Requests can be made via email to [email protected] Retirees must keep their password up to date to retain their account. If 2 consecutive 6-month password expiration periods are passed (1 year total), the account will be de-provisioned. To have an account provisioned, a UMS employee must submit a POI request form to their HR office.

What does UMS stand for?

At Utility Management Services, Inc. (UMS) we strive to lower your utility expenses, making your business or organization more financially sound for years to come. It is our mission to protect our customers from growing utility expenses.

What is the UMaine portal?

UMaine Portal. The UMaine Portal is used to access internal information and forms from departments such as the Office of Human Resources, Office of Student Financial Aid, and information related to university operations and services. The portal has a single sign-on feature — log in once and access MaineStreet, Gmail, BlackBoard and other apps.

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