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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my UMS user account?

Your UMS user account is used to access system-wide technology services such as Brightspace , MaineStreet , and UMS Email. It is also the root of your email address. Your UMS user account may also be referred to as your UMS ID. You can manage your UMS user account using the following links:

How do I Activate my UMaine account?

Go to UMaine’s Account Activation page. Enter your Student ID and Activation Code provided in your admission letter. After you submit your activation, the activation web site generates an acknowledgement. The acknowledgement contains your new UMS User Name, password, and email address. This information should be kept private.

What is user management?

User management, in its simplest form, is the method by which you create, remove and maintain your user store. Any solution designed to serve multiple users must have some type of a user management system, be it a proprietary tool built into the product or a tie into an existing system such as Active Directory/LDAP, or another identity provider.

What are the different types of user access management?

This includes user and password storage, CRUD (create, update, read, and delete) operations, policy (security, password) management, attribute transformation, and self service flows such as account recovery and registration. As the adoption of cloud services increase, so does the need to manage user access via an API.

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