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Frequently Asked Questions

What does unaware mean?

not knowing that something exists, or not having knowledge or experience of something: I was unaware of the risks involved. [ + that clause ] Bowman was unaware that the car was gone. (Definition of unaware from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What is the opposite of unawareness?

Unawareness: the state of being unaware or uninformed. Synonyms: benightedness, cluelessness, ignorance… Antonyms: acquaintance, awareness, cognizance… Find the right word.

What is unaware in Pokemon Go?

Unaware (Japanese: てんねん Airhead) is an Ability introduced in Generation IV. Prior to Generation V, it was the signature Ability of Bidoof and Bibarel . If a Pokémon with this Ability uses a damaging move or is targeted by a damaging move, the other Pokémon's stat stages are ignored during damage and accuracy calculation.

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