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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'under the weather' mean?

“Under the weather” is a phrase that means you are feeling sick. It can also mean that you have been sick or have taken a long time to recover from being sick. The term “under the weather” has its origins in sailing and refers to when a ship is too low in the water, making it difficult for sailors to move about. Reference: i am under the weather.

What does it mean "I am feeling under the weather"?

To feel under the weather means to feel sick. In most cases, it's used to say that you feel a little sick. To fight something off means that your body is stopping you from getting sick. But... you usually feel low on energy and feel tired when this happens.

What is another word for under the weather?

Synonyms for under the weather include not well, liverish, not oneself, under par, ailing, bad, crummy, down, funny and indisposed. Find more similar words at!

What is the definition of under the weather?

under the weather. Ailing, ill; also, suffering from a hangover. For example, She said she was under the weather and couldn't make it to the meeting. This expression presumably alludes to the influence of the weather on one's health.

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