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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for underground?

Another word for underground. underground. modif. buried, covered, subterrene, earthed over, under the sod, in the recesses of the earth, gone to earth; see also under 1. hidden, undercover, clandestine; see secret 2, 3. experimental, radical, avant-garde; see unusual 2.

What is the largest underground facility?

SubTropolis is a 55,000,000-square-foot (5,100,000 m2), 1,100-acre (4.5 km2) manmade cave in the bluffs above the Missouri River in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, that is claimed to be the world's largest underground storage facility.

What is going underground?

Go Underground is inspired by the 10+ year history of Storling Dance Theater's UNDERGROUND being presented in Kansas City, bringing people from all cultures, races, walks of life and parts of town together year after year. It has grown to include art exhibits, student shows, leader's luncheons, galas,...

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