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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I run out of my unemployment?

If your initial unemployment claim runs out, you stop receiving unemployment unless you qualify for an extension of your benefits. If you file subsequent unemployment claims after filing your initial unemployment claims, your benefit year does not restart.

When will unemployment be paid?

Frequency of Benefits. Unemployment benefits are usually paid weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the state law where they're claimed. The benefits payment may take up to three weeks to process, but as long as the job seeker filed a claim for each of his first three weeks, he should still get paid the full benefit for that time.

Does unemployment send you a 1099?

Although unemployment benefits aren't subject to payroll taxes, they are considered taxable income. If you received more than $10 in unemployment compensation during the year, your state will send you a Form 1099-G.

How much can I earn from unemployment?

Your unemployment benefits can be affected by a temporary job. You are allowed to earn up 50% of your gross weekly benefits. Your benefits will be reduced if you earn more than 50%. For example, your weekly benefits is $300. You may earn up to $150 per week.

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