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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IEEE MCE?

IEEE MCE specializes in event management including registration, audience development and program design; as well as sponsorship, publications and financial management for more than 1,900 annual events worldwide. IEEE Conferences Committee formulates and recommends actions, strategies, and policies for IEEE conferences.

What is IEEE Conference publication?

IEEE produces cutting-edge conference publications in various technology areas that are recognized by academia and industry worldwide. Articles submitted for publication follow a paper selection process and are peer-reviewed before they are published.

How do I find IEEE Conferences Committee meetings?

IEEE Conferences Committee is supported by the IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE). Search for IEEE Committee Meetings - use filter: IEEE Conferences Committee (sign-in required*) * IEEE volunteers and staff must use their IEEE Account to access content within IEEE Technical Activities Operations Beta Site.

What is the International Conference on education system?

International Conference On Education System, Innovative Trends And Evolving Research (ICESITER - 2023) International conference ICRASET- 2023 is to present the latest research and technology advances in related to Education, Social science, Teaching, and Learning.

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