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Frequently Asked Questions

Are US dollar coins still being minted?

Since there was little interest in the coin as a circulating medium, most were placed in United States Mint and Federal Reserve vaults throughout the country, and mintage ceased after 1981. Minnesota Senator Rod Grams, who introduced legislation in the Senate for a new dollar coin.

What coins are worth money?

While the two most valuable coins on this list are coincidentally the rarest (between 20 and 40 specimens each of the 1943 bronze cent and 1944 steel cent are thought to exist), the order of which coins are most valuable doesn’t necessarily correspond with the order of rarity.

How much is a 1979 Liberty dollar coin worth?

While a typical 1979-S Type I proof dollar is worth about $5, the 1979-S Type II proof dollar has a value of $40 and up. So, you’ve reached this point of the article and have likely found out your 1979 one dollar coin is worth only $1.

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