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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign in to my UW canvas account?

Select the "W" University of Washington option and click Login. Enter your UW NetID and password. Click the Sign In button to be taken to your Canvas Dashboard screen. Students are automatically enrolled in courses for which they have registered through MyUW.

What is cancanvas?

Canvas is the university's learning management system (LMS), managed by the Center for Digital Learning and Innovation (CDLI). This system brings improved collaboration and learning for students and faculty.

How do I start building a canvas course?

Use these resources to begin building your Canvas course. Getting Started Module: Get help with creating a syllabus, introduce yourself and your course, and help students learn to use Canvas. UW Canvas Course template : Quickly create courses that are easy for students to navigate.

Who can I contact for CANVAS training and support?

For Canvas training and support, please contact the CDLI Help Center. Email: [email protected] Catalog, the Canvas instance used by Professional and Continuing Education: SU Communities, the Canvas instance used by some groups: The Law School has an online program that uses a Canvas instance that is managed by their course provider:

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