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Frequently Asked Questions

How does MyChart work at the University of Wisconsin?

UW Health MyChart is a secure online service that allows you to view portions of your UW Health medical record, receive test results, schedule simple appointments, and more.

Where can I use MyChart for access community health centers?

This instance of MyChart connects to UW Health (Wisconsin), Access Community Health Centers (Madison, Wisconsin), SwedishAmerican (Rockford, Illinois); and Quartz-branded and administered health plans. What is MyChart?

What can I do with my MyChart account?

Once a patient activates a MyChart account, it becomes the primary method to receive messages and other information from your clinic and health plan provider. In many cases this information will be delivered only through MyChart, and not by U.S. Mail or telephone.

Do you need to call your clinic to use MyChart?

MyChart does not display all information from your medical record, and does not have access to every clinic service. If you need information or services not available in MyChart, please call your clinic.

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