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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study educational psychology at UW–Madison?

UW–Madison’s Department of Educational Psychology is regularly ranked as one of the top programs in its field in U.S. News & World Report. UW–Madison’s Mitch Nathan has been invited to deliver a presentation at an event for teachers in Santiago, Chile, focused on “Enseñando con el Cerebro en Mente / Teaching with the Brain in Mind.”

Can I reassign Sona credits from one course to another?

*You have until 5:00 PM on Wednesday, December 15, to reassign Sona credits from one course to another (if you are registered for more than one course offering extra credit this semester). CREDIT MUST BE USED IN THE SEMESTER IT IS EARNED.

Do you need an account to use Sona?

Sona Student Manual. Instructors do not need an account unless they wish to check on extra credit status before the end of the semester. At the end of the semester the Sona administrator will create one spreadsheet per course containing all of the extra credit awarded to students in that course.

What happens if I need to cancel my Sona study?

If you need to cancel you may do so via the SONA website prior to the session. Studies vary in how much advance notice they need of cancellation (most are 24 hours) – please take not of this when you sign up. If you do not show up for a session you will lose the opportunity to earn one percent of extra credit.

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