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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UW Medicine MyChart?

Your Medical Record UW Medicine/SCCA MyChart is an Internet application that enables you to have secured web based access to portions of your electronic medical record, and allows secure messaging with your health care team. Messages you send via UW Medicine/SCCA MyChart will be made part of your permanent medical record.

Is my UW Medicine/SCCA MyChart access code confidential?

It is extremely important that you keep your UW Medicine/SCCA MyChart access code, login name and password completely confidential from everyone. If your access code and password is available to others, they will be able to view your medical information and communicate with your health care team as if they were you.

How do I use the MyChart app?

The MyChart app allows you to view test results, send and receive messages, view appointments, health reminders and your health summary. Connect to your web-based MyChart account to use all other MyChart features. iOS: From your device, go to the Apple Store and search "MyChart."

Where does MyChart connect to my patient medical record?

This instance of MyChart connects to information in your patient medical record at UW Health (University of Wisconsin Healthcare), Access Community Health Centers (Madison, Wisconsin), and SwedishAmerican (Rockford, Illinois).

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