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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyChart and how do I use it?

Learn more: MyChart is a free online patient portal that UW Medicine offers patients. With MyChart, you can easily access your medical records, appointment scheduling, billing and payment information, prescription refills and more — all in one secure location. Book and view appointments online

How do I switch from UW Medicine Ecare to MyChart?

Contact the UW Medicine Customer Care Center at 855.520.5151. If you were using eCare, you won't need to do anything to switch to MyChart — eCare automatically updated to MyChart for you.

What happened to eCare and MyChart?

On March 27, 2021, UW Medicine’s patient portals merged into one – known as MyChart. That means that no matter where you received care, MyChart will now serve as your patient portal. If you already had eCare, your account automatically updated to MyChart on March 27.

What is UW Medicine/SCCA MyChart?

Our staff is educated in confidentiality and the appropriate use of medical information. Your Medical Record UW Medicine/SCCA MyChart is an Internet application that enables you to have secured web based access to portions of your electronic medical record, and allows secure messaging with your health care team.

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